Breakfast combo with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, guacamole, tapenade and tartine.

The most versatile breakfast! You can choose the type of eggs: poached, five-minute or scramble. Type of seafood: salmon or shrimp. In addition, there will be: two types of tapenade, guacamole, tomato, cheese and a salad mix.


Egg (poached, five minutes, scramble (egg, cream 22%, salt, black pepper), fried shrimp/salmon with low salt, red tomato, sprinkled with a mixture of seeds (flax seeds, white sesame seeds, sunflower seeds), salad mix (arugula, spinach), guacamole, green tapenade with nuts (almonds, olive oil, chesok, olives, capers), tapenade with tomatoes (olives, capers, dried cherry tomatoes, olive oil, black pepper), cheese cheese, green oil (parsley, tarragon, vegetable oil, salt)
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